Eating out less? Not me!

Last week I ate out at THREE places. Even better, I ate at three places that were new to me! Here’s some mini review thingies.

Saturday, I braved the rain and the line to eat at Zells Cafe. I know I usually say that if there’s a line at a brunch place in PDX that it’s not worth it? Zells is totally worth it. Servers showed no problem with me being a solo diner. I had the 2+2+2, two eggs, two bacon and two pancakes, and everything was good– except I forgot to order the eggs scrambled hard and they were runny and gooshy and I couldn’t finish them. :p My fault. Noisy, family friendly joint.

Tuesday night, I met up with a friend at Urban Farmer. Warning: Web page has annoying flash and autoplay music. We were there for Happy Hour, and when they say small plates, they mean SMALL. However, the Wagyu slider was more than enough to sate my appetite (and get cornmeal all over myself, they dust the bun in it). My friend had the pork belly and the foie gras hb&j. I pretty much want to go back just to try the foie gras hb&j now. The trick, though, is in finding the door. So here’s the trick: Look for the door for The Nines, and take the elevator up to the lobby. The space is big and divided into many nooks and crannies for conversation.

Then on Friday I had a SERIOUS ramen craving. After work, I flew solo and headed over to Biwa, or attempted to. I got lost. Basically, look for the sandwich board and/or the red paper lanterns– or if you know where Simpatica is, it’s next door. A couple of things: the ‘chinese style’ pork is not char sui but some kind of grilled pork belly (yum!) and the egg is hardboiled, not raw and whisked in. The noodles? Perfect. The broth? Dense and flavorful, but bland beyond telling. Needed salt, and I didn’t even think to ask for it (because me=dumb, see above re: scrambled eggs). I wasn’t thrilled with spending $4 on a 12oz bottle of Lagunitas, but I was right, it complimented the ramen very well. I also felt like I was being rushed out, despite the fact I arrived at 5:10pm. The waiter kept coming to check on me, pretty much every time I was conveying noodles from bowl to mouth, and asked me at one point if I wanted to box up the rest of my ramen. I was out the door by 5:45pm, and I felt like I was practically being shoved out. (Oh, I also amused myself by figuring out how many of their fixtures, furniture, and servingware came from IKEA. Verdict: a lot. Hee.)

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