Dollhouse– it’s not dead yet, it’s getting better!

I’m an unrepentant Whedon fangirl. I admit it. I sing Bad Horse Chorus under my breath at work. But I’m also aware that I don’t need to like everything that has Joss’ name on it (*cough*Angel:After The Fall*cough*)

So. Dollhouse.

Caught the first episode, was so underwhelmed that I missed the second, kind of watched the third while doing a Hobopolis Hamster Run and wasn’t all that into it…

…until the last 15 seconds.

Which hooked me into watching last night’s episode (during another Hamster Run). And last night’s episode was…

Well, let’s dig out a food metaphor. The previous episodes were batches of overcooked greens, where you had to pick out the good bits like tiny pieces of bacon. Last night’s episode was a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, with a good quantity of lovely crisp thick sliced bacon and crunchy lettuce, but some idiot had put the tomatoes in direct contact with the bread so it was soggy.

The show’s hitting its stride, it’s gaining momentum and balance. I’m willing to spend a little more time on it.

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  1. extramsg says:

    It’s worth remember that both Buffy season 1 and Angel season 1 weren’t all that good. Both got a lot better after the first season.

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