What? This is a food blog?

I have some food posts. Really. Somewhere. The big problem? I lent my card reader to my buddy in March of ’08, right before he went to Europe and Africa for SEVEN MONTHS.

He seems to think this means he owns the card reader. Our lawyers are discussing a shared custody agreement.

Anyway, I promise to make it ouver to Ping sometime this weekend, despite the fact I’ve never eaten at Pok Pok. Even though I live right frickin’ there…

I’ve been enjoying Danny Choo’s guest blogging over at BoingBoing. Matter of fact, I have a little crush on him. He’s a guy who dresses up like a Storm Trooper and dances in Shibuya, then posts the video footage edited to Rick Astley songs.

I mean, the only way to make him more attractive to me is to put him in a Joss Whedon show.

Here you go. Rickroll your office. You know you want to.

(eta: This is apparently Post 666, which may have something to do with the fact that it won’t frickin’ load properly)

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