I’ve always had this habit of taking a word and using it as a swear for a while, then dropping it. It became very prevalent, however, when I was teaching elementary school (they kind of frown on you if you drop the f-bomb in the middle of the classroom).

Mind you, I was teaching about the same time as the Firefly/Serenity mania was hitting its peak, so there’s a couple of classrooms of kids who don’t realise that hui-al lei roughly translates “shit on your head” and are probably still saying it when they stub their toes.

Frell and frack will always be perrenial favorites, but the word I keep hearing myself say lately is:


Closely followed by boogerbreath. And if I’m really het up, it’s CONFOUNDED boogerbreath.

I’m not sure why I felt the Internet needed to know this about me.

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