Pickin’ on Guinness

Yes, I’m not fond of Guinness. Spare your breath, I don’ like it. It’s the wussiest stout that’s ever dared to bear the name.

Beervana’s taking up the debate, though, ’cause of the 250th anniversary. I’m apparently in the minorty, as of right now 35% (including ME!) think it’s crap, 41% think it’s a “world classic” (barf), and 24% think the bottle’s the best.

But those people are sillyheads and it’s a poor excuse for a beer. I HAVE SPOKEN!

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One Response to Pickin’ on Guinness

  1. Dave says:

    I think that’s exactly the point of Guinness. It’s a smooth drinker (and if you think Guinness is wussy, try Murphy’s; it tastes like watered down Guinness!).

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