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Ok, those of you who are jumping up and down clutching yellow paperbacks to their chests and shouting, “I KNOW! OMG!” can go stand over there —->

Everyone else:
It’s a movie. It’s coming out March 6th. It’s going to be AWESOME. Wil Wheaton says so. So does Blunty. Rachelle liked it overall and had some good points about parts that might bother the fans that I am taking as forewarning and will be covering my eyes at certain parts.

You’re going to see it.

No, don’t give me that crap. You are totally going to see it. Don’t make me come over there, because I will tie you up and drag your sorry behind to the theater if I have to, and none of us want that. But before you do go see it, you see that yellow paperback those guys over there —-> are clutching to their chests?


Yeah, that one.

Go buy it. Right now. Preferably from your Independent Comic Store (if you’re in Portland, go here), or at least from your Independent Book Store (*cough, cough, don’t give money to Amazon.Com*). Because you need to read this.

Why? You’re asking me why? BECAUSE I SAID SO!

*sigh* Fine, a better reason: Alan Moore’s Watchmen is the book that started the entire “Hey, what if superheroes have, you know, to take responsibility for their power?” trend. Your mopey Christian Bale Batman? Your troubled Robert Downey, Jr. Iron Man? Your angsty, get a new expression Tobey Maguire Spiderman?

Mr. Moore says, “You’re WELCOME.”

And, um, hey, you guys over there —> jumping up and down with the yellow paperback clutched to your chest? Can you, like, cover your ears for a second? Thanks.

Ok, so, you new guys, when you’re reading Watchmen you can totally skip the pirate stuff.

OI! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU GUYS TO COVER YOUR EARS! Quit yelling at me! The pirate crap is BORING. They’re all “Oooh, lookit me, I’m a foreshadowy-shadow commentating on current events that are still relevant almost two decades later!” Blech.


And for those of you who, somehow, haven’t seen one of these yet. I give you: THE TRAILER.

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6 Responses to Watchmen!

  1. Salat says:

    That was, without a doubt, the best endorsement that I’ve read in quite a while! Thanks. I’m totally going to see it now 🙂

  2. Yadda says:

    …Skip… The pirate… Stuff…


    I mean, I know it isn’t going to be in the movie (it’s gonna be released as a bonus feature on-disc), but GAWD. Come on. That’s like saying, don’t read all of The Abyss Gazes Also (Chapter 6), because it’s only expository crap, when it’s, IMHO, the best chapter in the whole book, at least so far (I’ve read up to Ch. 9 or so, lent the book to a friend).

    We have very different priorities, obviously. The pirate stuff keeps you from the important things, namely the EXPLOSIONS!!!!! Bla bla bla… I WANT THE ‘SPLODEY! —Mary Sue

  3. Yadda says:

    Already emailed this to you, but I figure that posting it on the blog keeps the conversation open if anyone is interested in two differing views on the same book.

    Well, ‘splodey is good and all, but the highlight is the story. That’s
    what Alan Moore was always about. Splodey second, deep and
    philosophical story first.

    You’re a thinker. I’m not. SPLODEY! — Mary Sue

  4. Yadda says:

    …Well, that explains everything in one swell foop (reference to H2G2).

    Either way though, even if we don’t agree on the priority of the
    ‘splodey, at least we agree that splodey = awesome. 😀

  5. Doug says:

    When I read Watchmen (back when the issues first came out) I was blown away by it. Even wrote a paper on it for a college lit class. I still consider it a favorite.

    But I haven’t re-read it in 20 years. I thought of doing that before the movie came out, but then I decided it’s better to just let the movie succeed or fail on its own merits. I want to try to enjoy it as I’m watching the watchmen, rather than analyzing the Watchmen.

    (I just posted something in explanation to someone who was reading it now for the first time and couldn’t get into it.)

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