Why I Hate Urgent Orders

I very rarely talk about my job at Big Ol’ Hospital. Because after three calendar years in the gig, I’m still not entirely sure what’s meant by the job title ‘Buyer’.

There is one thing I’m certain of– every buyer hates urgent orders.

An urgent order is one that has to be turned around in ASAP. We don’t even bother asking the enduser if they want to pay the (often exorbinate) costs of shipping. They checked that little box, and we will, by God and George, get it to them as soon as humanly possible.

Sure, it takes up our time and the notification means we drop everything to ensure the product gets here, which then leads to lost concentration. But that’s part of the job.

No, the real reason I hate them is that it means somewhere, somehow, the supply chain has failed. As a buyer, it’s my job to ensure the supply chain is moving smoothly. Basically, an urgent order is a giant flashing light with an annoying siren that there is A Problem.

I hate problems. I hate problems because I am the one who has to come up with the solution, and a lot of the time I’m still flying by the seat of my pants in this gig.

So. Now you see why, when I see the Urgent Order Notification, I usually say a swear.

And you also see why, when I get elbow deep in an Urgent Order and I realise the enduser has already received the goods and/or services, which therefore makes this, by definition, NOT an urgent order, I tend to say lots and lots of swears.

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