Snowpocalypse Redux

I walked from Division to Hawthorne, then from 34th to 20th, with a pause at 27th and Hawthorne for a donut and coffee at Safeway. Caught a 14 Hawthorne to 2nd and Alder. Walked from there to 1st and Harrison. Squeezed into the Streetcar. Told off some of the fleet guys who were griping about getting yelled at for not showing up yesterday. Walked to the warehouse. Climbed two flights of stairs; found the third flight locked. Clocked in on the phone, and then went outside to try and go around the building.

Went hip-deep in a snowdrift and thought to myself, “I did NOT come this far to break my gorram leg!”

Got inside and changed all my clothes from the skin up.

I’ve been working hard since 5.45am! I just want to sleep now!

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