[Food] Oh, darlings.

If you have never been to Vino Vixens on Powell and 26th, you have *no* idea.

Okay, I had no idea until this afternoon when I showed up for a NaNoWriMo write-in. BUT STILL!

Happy hour every day between 4-6. Very, very, ridiculously reasonable by the glass prices. The house white and red rotates. Small but really broad selection, and this is the child of Napa talking. A comfortable and relaxed space with many couches, and outlets, and wifi.

Very knowlegable staff who are about as far from snobby as Australia is from Champagne. Pool, if you like that thing. They sell some nibbly cheese and sausage, but YOU CAN BRING IN YOUR OWN FOOD.

Ports. Bubblies. A tiny but very intruiging beer selection.

Yes, I went to a wine bar and drank beer. Yes, I’m That Beer Douche. In my defense, it was a Dogshead 90 Minute IPA, which was AWESOME. I’m now sipping on a glass of 14 Hands cabernet, which I have had before, but it’s kind of hard to find and now I know they carry it for sale by the bottle, well, YUM.

I’m thinking about running across the street to Hopworks and ordering the chicken strips to go, and bringing it over here. I bet it’s a thousand times less crowded here than it is over there. BECAUSE YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. I cannot emphasize the total awesomosity of this enough.

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