[Fangirl] Prayers ascending!

Via Rocco, Fr. Andrew Greeley is in the hospital with a serious skull fracture.


He was lecturing Friday at a convention of the Religious Education Association, which is being held at a hotel near O’Hare Airport, Durkin said.

In his fall, Greeley fractured his skull and the left orbital bone near his eye, his friend and attorney Terry Goggin said.

He suffered bleeding on the brain, and doctors installed a monitor in his skull to gauge pressure on his brain, Goggin said. C-T scans are also being used to monitor his injuries.

Fr. Greeley is the author of many, many, MANY books, most of them mystery novels featuring Bishop Blackie Ryan. Fr. Greeley is also a trained sociologist and one of the best looks into the actual workings of the US Senate comes from his book “The Senator and The Priest” which you should go read right now. Seriously.

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