OK motherfuckers, listen up.

I did not vote for President-elect Obama, but I am not displeased by the results of the election.

I see lots of people doing little happy dances at the moment.

I also see lots of people doing this dance and shaking it very disrespectfully in the general direction of those who didn’t vote for Mr. Obama.

Knock that shit off.

Number one, you’re buying into the partisanship that destroyed this country last time around. Why do you think McCain’s supporters were booing him during the concession speech? Because they had bought into the partisanship to such a level that the mere concept of loss is unbearable, game over, the Phillies have won the World Series, the Rays go home. This isn’t a game. There are no winners or losers, just elected officials with work to do.

Number two, to get this nation back on track, you are going to need to work with that person. When someone’s pissed you off, how much do you want to work with them? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

We are Americans. We have a big mess to clean up, and a lot of the mess is our individual fault.

We are Americans. We complain about our government forgetting that in a democracy, we are the government.

We are Americans. We throw a big party every four years to remind ourselves that we can, have, and will again completely overthrow our political structure in a bloodless coup. But every day, we Americans have a responsibility to keep informed on what is going on, to speak out about injustice, to make sure that our elected officials from the city councilperson to the President of the United States of America are doing what we want.

We are Americans. We are tasked to remember our past, to act on the present, and to plan for a brighter future.

We are Americans. Don’t you dare forget that for some silly little line on your voter registration card.

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