[Fangirl] My Top Presidential Movies

This list is totally subjective. And since I’m the subject, they are the AWESOMEST! I HAVE SPOKEN!

Dave: Dude is a presidential impersonator. President has a stroke. Eeeevil VP pulls the impersonator in to play President while they figure out what to do. D’awww factor: High.

The American President: President’s wife died of cancer while he was campaigning. He’s now met a totally awesome woman. And he attempts to date her and be President at the same time. Bonus: Martin Sheen is the bad guy! D’awww factor: Middlin’.

My Fellow Americans: Two former Presidents go on the lam trying to clear their names as the current administration frames them for… something. I don’t remember. It’s been a while since I watched this movie. It’s cute. D’awww factor: decent.

Air Force One: “GET. OFF. MY. PLANE!” D’aww factor: low, but made up for by the ass-kicking factor.

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