[Fangirl] Chuck (versus the First Date)

I just need to say that this show has the most awesome theme song ever, it being the bass riff and chorus from “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” by Cake.

I know that it’ll come as a surprise, but on this show my sekrit boyfriend is Morgan. Casey is also my sekrit boyfriend, but he’s got a permanent spot in the showcase. Why do I love this show? Because I laughed SO HARD during the first five minutes. And then I’m shocked. And then I’m cheering.

Now I’m thankful my last job interview did not involve a Thunderdome-style cage match. Why can’t my spellcheck understand Thunderdome?

Chuck is just so unselfconsciously DORKY, I love him. I mean, he has a San Diego Comicon poster in his room!

You should try watching this show.

IKEA Spotting:
Storage units in Big Mike’s office: I’m pretty sure it was a Traby painted black,with glass doors and some lights in the Dioder spectrum?
Lamps in the Orange Orange store: Knappa Klover.

In other IKEA news, when I was looking up all those links, I found out that IKEA has stopped selling disposable bags entirely. When I was an IKEA yellow shirt, I had things thrown at me, I had people threaten to call their Congressman to get their nickel back.

October 1st is Der Tag. Godspeed, coworkers.

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