[Finances] Lies My Guidance Counselor Told Me

It doesn’t matter what your undergraduate degree is in, recruiters just want to see you got one.

Uh huh. Suuuuure. Accountants want your degree to have something to do with accounting, not 17th century literature. And let me tell you, there are a lot more jobs in accounting than in 17th century literature. I suggest that no matter what your degree is (go ahead and study art history, pumpkin), you minor in business.

Learning a foreign language will get you lots of jobs!

Not entirely a lie. And I do not regret studying Spanish and Japanese and Mandarin and Russian and Modern Hebrew. Ancient Egyptian, yeah, that one I regret a little. There are thousands of jobs out there if you speak a foreign language… if you want to spend your time in Customer Service. You haven’t ever worked in Customer Service? Lucky. Here’s a selection of what you’ll deal with as a Customer Service Specialist. Imagine that kind of stuff, 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year.

International business? Yep, foreign language mastery will help– but you’ll also need some experience in business, which leads right back to actually, you know, taking classes in the Business Administration department.

The Baby Boomers are all retiring, which means you’ll have your pick of jobs.

If you’ll just excuse me a moment… HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! *snerk* *wipes tears from eyes*

Even before the latest round of economic woes, Baby Boomers noticed they really didn’t have enough money saved to live. That problem has only increased in the last 12 months, causing many to either postpone retirement, remain in their positions part-time, or even leave retirement and attempt to reenter the workforce. That means sometimes you have Baby Boomers competing for the same jobs as recent college graduates. Let me tell you recent college graduates something– Boomers have more experience and bigger networks than you.

How do you get around this? Two suggestions:

First, do some pre-graduation networking of your own, or as we like to call it– INTERNSHIPS. Do not leave an internship without a recommendation letter. If internships are thin on the ground in your area of expertise (17th century literature), sign up with a temp agency during the breaks and SHOW YOUR LAZY ASS UP ON TIME AND DON’T BE A JACKASS AND DO WHAT YOU’RE ASKED. Remember, I was a temp for five years (that’s like, 15 semesters), and I’ve seen a lot of you little ones try to play with the big boys. For every gig you’re at for more than a month, don’t leave without a recommendation letter.

Secondly: The careers that are expanding beyond all belief are those that the Boomers are going to need as they age. The two biggies are healthcare and financial planning. If you want job security and a broad choice of gigs right out of school, maybe you want to do a minor in 17th century literature and major in a healthcare or financial study.

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