[Food] No, Seriously, Y’all, Stop.

EYVERONE is telling me about PETA’s latest crazy.

Let me sum it up for you: typing controversial and PETA into Google gets you about 512,000 hits. PETA gets off on being controversial. It makes people pay attention to them. Because it’s all about the cute, fluffy animals, of course, and therefore it is okay to have horrifyingly sexist adverts because women are, of course, less important than the cute, fluffy animals.

So yeah, the ‘call’ for Ben and Jerry’s to use human milk to make ice cream? Not really surprising it comes from PETA. But if you people would PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN first read the whole article, and then you’d find out that the mythical Swedish Human Milk Ice Cream Restaurant got shut down before it even opened by the health authorities.

Oddly enough, said Swedish restaurant got shut down for sanitary, health, and ethical reasons. Because according to PETA, women are allowed to be treated as livestock, but cows aren’t.

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