[Finances] Bad News, Good News, Even Better News

Bad News: ShopGoodwill.com is crack. It’s the best of the best from Goodwills all over the country, set up a la eBay.

Good News: I’ve got a really awesome vintage freshwater pearl necklace for the wedding! Sterling silver clasp, individually knotted, and it only cost me $20! Other places such a necklace would cost about $40.

Even Better News: I was outbid for the accordion! (Don’t ask why I even bid on the accordion, I’m not sure myself.)

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One Response to [Finances] Bad News, Good News, Even Better News

  1. E.C. says:

    How much did the accordion go for? My mom used to play, and she’s always sort of wanted to get one and see if she remembers how.

    If I buy her one, I can bask in the reflected glory of being the daughter of a former junior western states accordion champion.

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