[Finances] Why I’m Not Freaking Out About The Economy

Y’all, I think we as a blogosphere need to take a big ol’ step back from the keyboard and do a couple of cleansing breaths.

Okay, stop screaming “The Economy Is Failing!” already, please. That’s not a deep breathing exercise. Sheesh. It’s like none of y’all studied history and economics at a graduate level…

Oh. You probably didn’t.

Okay. Let me distill five years* of my education into little words for you:

This has happened before.
This will happen again.
Freaking out will not help.

Even thin people die. Oh, wait, that’s for my HAES rant.

Wanna see a historical chart of the last 108 years of Dow Jones final bell prices? here you go. Notice how the general, long-term trend is solely in one direction (for those who aren’t visual people, that direction is UP). The big dips are almost always in ten-year increments, but they always bounce back higher. Now, let’s look at what’s pretty much my lifetime, right here, 1980-2000.

Okay, breathing easier? No?

Why not?

What can you do better, today, to make you worry less?

If every time you read on the Internet or hear on the news the OMGFINANCIALPANICATTHEDISCO! you start freaking out a little, you know what you should do?


I know, I know, radical notion. I actually didn’t know about the latest stock market drop until a few days after it had happened. It doesn’t affect me. I have a financial plan, and right now it’s focused on building my savings slowly and decreasing my student loan debt aggressively. I do not maintain consumer debt, and I have worked hard to get into an industry that is fairly recession-proof. I have a backup career that I maintain licensing in that is also recession proof, and I’m not too proud to don a uniform and perform menial tasks if neccesary.

My goals are concise and clear, and I am meeting them. My financial outlook is good.

How’s yours? Not good? Then what are you doing to make it good?

*AP US History and AP European History REPRESENT!

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