[Finances] Budgeting for a Move

I’ve been asked to leave my current living situation by January. The housemate/condo owner’s sig.other is moving in.

*waves at everyone rolling in from Craigslist* Hi! Please to be letting me move in with you? *bats eyelashes*

Anyway, moving comes with expenses. If I had the traditional thirty days to move, I wouldn’t be writing right now. I’d be liquidating all my CDs irregardless of the interest I will be borked out of for first, last, deposit, and this post would be extolling the glories of an Emergency Fund. I’ve moved a few times, you see. I know the drill. I also know that there will be expenses before, during, and after the move.

My expense sheet. Let me show you it.

Expenses I will incurr during the search for a new place:
+ Gas. I have not limited myself to one neighborhood in PDX. I’d prefer staying on the east side of the river, but since work is on the west side, I’m looking into places over there, too. I find the best and safest way to get an idea of the neighborhood is to drive around a little bit.
+ Coffee. I don’t really subscribe to Oldenberg’s Third Place concept, but I do love me some coffeeshops. What better excuse to get out and try new ones than “La dee dah, driving to check out a new place– OOH! COFFEE!”

Expenses I will incurr during the move
+ First, Last, Deposit. It’s a fact of life. I’m looking for a situation that’s comparable in price to my present one, and with the three-paycheck month of October, I’m earmarking the extra moolah for FLD.
+ Gas. Unless I can move in next door, which is unlikely because, well, the next door neighbors drive me nuts. I just want to march over there some nights, snatch that guitar out of his hands, and tune the thing. But anyway! Since I will not be moving in next door, I will need to get my stuff from point A to point B.
+ Rental Truck. I might have a line on a buddy with a van. Which would be nice for transporting my bed (all other furniture was chosen because it can fit in my Buick). I’d still pay my buddy gas and dinner, though.
+ Dinner for the movers. Good friends help you move. Great friends do the dishes afterwards. Hint. Hint.

Expenses I will incurr after the move
+ Unknown and miscellaneous. There was the time I moved and had to buy a shower curtain. Then there was the time I moved and discovered that between the six of us*, we owned five plates, four bowls, and no spoons. I shall call this the Return to IKEA fund, because I have a feeling if anything will prompt my return to the Big Blue Box for the first time since I quit in March, it will be moving.

*For the folks visiting from Craigslist: I’d really rather not live in a house with six people on the lease again, especially if all their significant others also live there but aren’t on the lease, and there is only one working shower and two working toilets.

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