[Food] East Burn

On 18th and Burnside sits a little red building with the bold sign stating “East Burn“.

I always go by there and think to myself, “That place was good six months ago. I should pop back in and enjoy myself”.

Tonight, we had a party there, to commemorate one of my coworkers getting a new job in another department. Instead of down in the basement with the skee ball, we were upstairs in the couch nook with the art and candles. It was just as good as I remembered, except better lit.

They had Dissident on tap. If you do not like sour beers, stay far away. It’s totally a belgian, yo. The cherry flavor was well balanced, in my ever so humble opinion. It was yummy. I will totally drink it again.

I had the Trinity Fries. It’s a combination of russett and sweet potato fries topped with fried leeks. Last time the fried leeks were crispier. Fries were still tasty. And there were so many that even with help (of the “Look over there!” kind) I didn’t finish them. The aioli– I don’t touch mayonaise. Some of the others insisted it was mayo mixed with steak sauce. *shrug*

The only other complaint about the food was the one guy who asked for his burger medium well, and it was rare. He also complained there was too much bread in proportion to stuff between the bread. The penne smelled fabulous, and I didn’t get to try any but I heard it was good, as was whatever the spinach and pear salad was.

Now. Let me tell you about the calamari. I do not like calamari. This stuff smelled yummy. Then I looked closer. There were deep fried baby octopi, their six little arms and two legs all curled up. And they were *tasty*. Perfectly seasoned, crunchy but still tasting like octopus. I ate almost all of one coworker’s baby octopi, but that’s okay ’cause she ate a bunch of my fries.

It’s a good place. You should try it sometime.

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