[Food] Rogue Brewing

My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World took me out to dinner for my birthday. I got to pick, so I picked Rogue Brewing.

There is a reason. When I had my unexpected and inexplicable houseguests last month, they *had* to go to Rogue. And they drug me along. And Herself had a Rogue Spruce Gin martini, and I had a sip.

Let us preface this with: I hate gin. Hate, hate, hate, take away my Anglican credentials, hate.

I have been CRAVING that gin since that day. It’s so mellow, and almost melon-y, and… yum.

I got there an hour earlier than my BFitWWW and had a martini and watched some dumbheads sitting in Rogue ordering St. Pauli Girl.

Oh, the new batch of Double Dead Guy is out. The daily taster was of it, and it was… okay. If you like Dead Guy, you’d probably like it. I’m not terribly fond of Dead Guy (I’ll drink it, but I won’t seek it out), so I’m not the best person to judge.

Then my BFitWWW showed up and told the very nice waitress it was my birthday. She’s very nice because she said they do not sing. I like my birthday. I like the fact I have survived another year (there have been times when it seemed unlikely I would, in fact, see another year. I’ve learned the hard way to be greatful for wrinkles and grey hairs). I do not like being the center of attention of a large group of people. And I really don’t like being subjected to amateurs attempting to ‘sing’.

The very nice waitress, instead, brought me a freakin’ STEIN of beer and said, “Happy Birthday!”. I don’t know how much was in that thing, but it was freakin’ HUGE! I’d ordered the Hazelnut Brown, which is very tasty, has almost a cream soda finish. Yum.

BFitWWW had the pulled pork sandwich. I had the normal cheeseburger (as opposed to the “American Kobe” burger). The french fries were awesome. And I drank the whole, it had to be over a litre of beer. Jeebus.

It’s a decent brewpub space. There’s a detached bar I haven’t been into, and lots of tables outside (with people sweating into their beer yesterday). It’s air conditioned inside, seems to retain the cool pretty well even with the big picture windows. Oh, and the ladies room is Barley, the men’s room is Hops. Just so you knows. When you go. Because you should go. Get some of the hazelnut brown bread, it’s sooo tasty.

All around, it was a good birthday. đŸ˜€

Oh! I also got hit on!

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  1. roland hulme says:

    Gin…. Oh, how I adore that spirit. If you ever get given free gin you don’t like, be a doll and sling it my way, would you?

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