[fangirl] Thoughts on Tonight’s Sarah Connor Chronicles

Dude, seriously, if there’s going to be someone time traveling every week bringing back spoilers from the fyootchur, I’mna going to check out right now.

That’s just lazy writing.

I should know, I’m a terribly lazy writer.

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One Response to [fangirl] Thoughts on Tonight’s Sarah Connor Chronicles

  1. roland hulme says:

    Heh heh. I thought much the same. I like this show, but the plot holes and lazy writing are just DUMB.

    I got especially frsutrated by evil liquid metal terminator woman pretending to be a urinal. Not only did she anticipate that her target would be using the restroom in advance, she even guessed WHICH urinal he’d be using.

    And… Erm… He pee’d all over her!

    I’d have stabbed him in the eye with my pointy metal finger too.

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