[Finances] Bookselling: UR DOIN IT RONG!

That’s the only reason I can think of that I’ve gotten such CRAP service from a few off my favorite places in Portland lately. Today, it was Powell’s. I was attempting to pick up a book I placed on hold before the whole “Where the hell is my wallet?” thing happened.

I put books on hold at Powell’s fairly frequently. If you don’t pick them up within 14 days, they charge your card and mail it to you. Which is why I haven’t canceled my bank card yet, since I knew they were just waiting to charge me.

I was under the impression they could charge my bank card without physically seeing it, based on the whole “14 days or we’ll charge your card”, and also the fact that the last, oh, EVERY SINGLE time I didn’t have to present my bank card, just my ID and sign my life away.

“Well, they were doing it wrong,” Mr. Stellar Customer Service told me. “Do you remember their names?”

Powell’s employees don’t wear nametags, just a sticker that says “Info”. For which, in my Big Blue Box days, I envied them. Today? Pissed me off. I don’t even know Mr. Stellar Customer Service’s name, because I was so pissed. He was wearing a grey shirt, had wire glasses, was going grey, and wants to be a hipster when he grows up, which is evident in his ‘You are a stupid peon, why are you bothering me?” attitude.

I’m so disgusted, I’m tempted to cancel the order and buy the book from Amazon.com. Even though I have personal. professional, and ethical issues with Amazon.com (they are anti-free market, like to attempt to patent things that aren’t rightfully theirs, and donate money heavily to the Republican Party).

*sigh* I have to deal with customer service crap like this EVERY DAY at work. I do NOT like doing it during my free time.

Edit: So, turns out Mr. Stellar Customer Service CANCELED my order. I shot off an email to the orders desk and they’re promising me credits and free shipping and gold stars and such. Which, yay, nice, happy, thanks, why isn’t this the front line customer service philosophy?

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  1. Sorcha says:

    Yeah, that’s the problem with buying from Powells. Some of the employees have this whole Hipper Than Thou thing going on.

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