[Food] HFCS Apologists

First, a little disclaimer: To the person who got to my blog by searching “How to give someone food poisoning”– seriously, dude, whatever you’re thinking… don’t.

Hanyoldways, Serious Eats informs me that the Corn Council or something has started putting out TV ads about how fantastic High Fructose Corn Syrup is!.

Yeah, hi, no. I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one on teevee. I do know that when I eat HFCS, I tend to go WHEEEHEEHEEEEEE! *splat*ded*. And HFCS is so hard to avoid. I bought some brats last night because I got too lazy to mix my own sausage (yes, I’ve been mixing my own sausage lately using ground pork) and it wasn’t until I got home and cooked and ate the damn things I noticed that the third ingredient? HFCS.

WHAT THE HELL, CORN COUNCIL?! Sausage does not need sweetner, yo.

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2 Responses to [Food] HFCS Apologists

  1. Sorcha says:

    I SAW THAT. I was like, WHAT? And the girl was all, “How can it be bad for you, it’s made from corn!” Well, the straws at Burgerville are now a sort of plastic made from corn, too, and I’m pretty sure if I shoved one of those fuckers in my eye it would hurt.

  2. roland hulme says:

    You make your own sausages?

    Woah, that is HARDCORE. I’m impressed.

    I used to live on a farm, but we got the butcher to make our sausages (we did supply the pig, though.)

    And he was a mean bugger of a pig. I felt smug eating him.

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