[Finances] 105 Shopping Days Left!

I’m still trying to shake down my spending plan, what with the new, steady paycheck and all. I had a spare $175 in my checking account, and it was making me antsy. Since it’s the exact amount I need for one of those fancy It Grinds The Beans Itself Coffee Makers.

I needed to get that money out of my checking account tout suite, or else it would get itself out of my checking account all by its lonesome (probably via iTunes or Powells or the comic shop or something).

Then the lightning bolt hit– I hadn’t planned for any of my Christmas spending.

Christmas is big in my family. And I have a big family. Both sides do a drawing, though, so you’re only responsible for one extended family pressie, and then your immediate family and grandparents and such. My mother and father’s birthdays are also in December, and one thing I learned growing up in that household is You Do Not Do Combined Gifts. You buy a birthday gift and you buy a Christmas gift, otherwise you are a total jackass.

I scribbled out a quick budget, subtracted the $175 seed money, divided it by the remaining pay periods (eight!), and made a new INGDirect savings account.

*does a little dance* I’m totally awesome and grown up and responsible! You are all jealous! Nyah nyah boo boo!

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