[Finances] Musings on the MTV Music Awards

First Musing:
The only artists I’ve recognized so far are the Jonas Brothers, but I watch a lot of Disney Channel (Kim Possible is AWESOME!)

Second Musing:
Jordan Sparks is hot. Although I’d look better in that dress.

Third Musing:
Is that man seriously singing that he will buy his girlfriend whatever she wants and therefore that will show his love? Oh, hells to the power of no. As Spider Robinson once wrote, honey, if you have to pay to keep me, you cannot afford me.

Plus, if I want something, I don’t need anyone else to buy it for me. To paraphrase Faith: Want, save, buy, have. It’s easy. Okay, it’s easy after a lot of practice.

Yes, that would be Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the specific episode is S3, “Bad Girls”.

Fourth Musing:
For the love of the Sweet Baby Jesus, Lil’Wayne! PULL YOUR PANTS UP! Your behind is not attractive and I never needed to see it. If you were my cousin, Grandmama would haul you over her knee and spank your skinny butt, and it don’t matter how old you are or how many records you sold.

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