[Finances] 15 Resume Misteaks that Could Cost You The Job

Go read Chris’ list and learn, mark, and inwardly digest.

Excerpt-y about lying on resumes!

For example, someone submitted an application that listed Harvard University as the first line in their educational summary. I assume they thought this fact would be impressive. But looking closer, it was obvious that this person had never attended Harvard. Instead, they took a one-semester, online course through the Harvard Department of Continuing Education.

In case you don’t know, continuing education at most U.S. universities is open-enrollment, meaning that anyone can take a class without applying to the university and going through the usual competitive process. The classes are designed for the public, not for college students seeking a degree.

Why did I choose that excerpt? Because I think I worked for that applicant at one of my temp gigs. Said applicant wore Harvard sweaters and ties, carried at all times a Harvard pen and leather portfolio, and at least once a day talked about “what I learned at Harvard”.

That company, by the way, is the first time I ever quit a temp job. After six months, mind you, of progressively suspect ethics and some downright illegal things I was asked to do (plus the fact we were seated at folding tables). The straw that broke the camel’s back? When the VP pulled myself and the other fairly low-paid temps into a conference room and ranted at us for twenty minutes about how we were horrible people who couldn’t do basic math, and we should all go out that evening and buy ourselves calculators, pens, and paper with our own money.

The VP is the guy who hired and constantly bragged about the ‘Harvard graduate’. I always wondered what the VP’s resume looked like.

Also, for a laugh, check out NotHired.com for real examples of people who are out there applying for the same jobs you are.

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