[Finances] Saving You Money on Debt Reduction Seminars and Books

Queercents reposts this article by Dawn at Frugal For Life. Dawn says the money spent on these seminars are pretty much worthless, since you can get the books at the local library for free.


I think you will find that most “gurus” end up advocating the following steps in varying order:
1. Stop using credit cards
2. Write down your debt, what you owe and what you bring in
3. Live below your means
4. Sell stuff to make extra money and help pay down debt
5. Get a second job if you have run out of things to sell.
6. Save money for emergencies

The new trick I’ve seen is that the seminars or classes are totally free… except you have to buy the workbook, and if you’re going to buy the workbook, you might as well buy the FANCY workbook, and you’ll also need the envelope system, but you can get the DELUXE version for only a few dollars more, and if you’re going that route, you might as well get the whole deluxe kit…

Note: Including the link to Dave Ramsey’s store does not constitute an endorsment, it does constitute her illustrating the point, which is the easiest way to make money is to convince people that by buying your product, they will save money.

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