[Fangirl] IKEA hack: stuffed toy USB drive

For those of you who don’t know, there is an honest-to-God IKEA fandom. IKEA, by the by, should always be capitalised because it is an acronym for Ingvar Kamprad– uh, something something. Ingvar is the founder of IKEA, and the E is for the name of the farm he grew up on and the A is for the town that farm is located near. 

I maintain the Before-The-Floor training is really just a way to make the IKEA coworkers the first line of IKEA fandom. The yellow shirts, of which I was one, are encouraged to maintain squee at all costs. It was a job I loved and a job I hated (seriously, people, if you can’t pay a nickel for a freakin’ plastic bag, you have issues). 

Now, after all that b-roll, on to the awesome. I’m too lazy to figure out umlats and such, so I’m not putting the actual IKEA name of the stuffed crocodile on this blog. But who wouldn’t want such an adorable USB drive?


….but for baby to actually GET, I would need to go to IKEA. I haven’t been there since I quit on March 30th.

No, I do not crave meatballs.

Confound it, I need some Capita legs, too.

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One Response to [Fangirl] IKEA hack: stuffed toy USB drive

  1. roland hulme says:

    Those meatballs rock. I had a craving for them, but unlike French IKEA stupid New Jersey IKEA doesn’t sell little bottles of white wine to drink with them. What kind of stupid system is that? How does America expect to maintain it’s global domination if it’s too anal to sell little bottles of white wine in IKEA.


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