[Food] Open Letter to Hopworks Urban Brewery

Dear HUB:

You might remember my friends and myself. We would be the party of three and a half that arrived at 9pm last night. We got our beer orders in quite rapid, but then despite the six foot tall man frantically waving, we were completely ignored for another 40 minutes. Then, it took another half hour after that for our food to arrive.

Being a party of three and a half, one person at all times had their hands full with the Infanta. Therefore, it took us a little while to eat our food. Yes, I did totally attempt to take your server’s arm off when himself tried to take my dinner away from me half-eaten, because at that point I was busy paying homage and playing sedan chair to the Infanta. Holding a two-month-old whilst eating spicy buffalo-style chicken strips* takes a bit of concentration and some juggling, because getting spicy buffalo-style sauce on two-month-old skin is B-A-D.

We were the last ones out, yes. At 10.51pm. Your hours state you close at 11pm, and hustling us out like that was just plain rude, since the delay was completely due to your poor service.

Next time, I’m taking them to Fire on the Mountain. We’ll drink your beer there.

No love,
Mary Sue

*which were v. v. tasty, no complaints about the quality of the food.

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  1. Sorcha says:

    I hope you emailed this to them as well.

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