[Food] Grains are tasty and nutritious!

Inspiration hit me when looking at this absolutely beautiful bowl of cooked grains. As the weather went from 104 to 69 degrees in the space of four days, I wanted something hearty and warm. At the grocery store, standing in front of the bulk foods, I was reminded of the Zakkokumai I’d also recently read about, and how I had planned a field trip to Fubonn to see if they had some to try.

The lightbulb went off over my head. I could mix my own version of zakkokumai! I looked at the various healthy, wholesome, tasty grains on display, and the lightbulb went off, even brighter this time. I had little bits of many of these grains in my pantry, going to waste!

I bought a little barley, and a little wild rice, and went home to play.

I mixed up equal parts of adzuki beans, wild rice, barley, millet, and short grain brown rice. I’ve been using one part of this mix to two parts of long grain brown rice, and I’ve found I need to use about twice as much water as I usually do to make plain brown rice.

The first link suggests serving with milk and sweetener. Tonight I tossed the picked-over carcass of a rotisserie chicken in before boiling until ded. But last night, I cooked it with plain ol’ water and added salt after cooking.

I’ve also been eating it as a main dish. Hmm. I should probably make something different for dinner tomorrow, but why ruin a good thing?

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