[Finances] Wallet Rant

I’m in need of a new wallet.

The one I bought in 1997 literally fell to pieces. It was fantastic, it was leather and consisted only of a clear window pocket, an opaque pocket, and two slots. I had to keep the clutter down and I could easily just toss it in my back pocket and go out the door.

I traded my mom for her wallet at Christmas (we’d bought her a brand new fancy one) and it was okay for a while, but it was a true billfold, and it quickly collected crap and was not condusive to back pocketry. I bought a metal business card case for $1.50 and it’s worked pretty well, except it can only hold my ID, my debit card, and my AAA card plus one folded bill. If I get change, the extra bills get wadded up and tossed around, leading to the discovery during laundry day yesterday that I had $14 bucks I didn’t know about.

So, I am in the market for wallets. But I don’t want to spend more on the wallet than I’m liable to have, you know, actually in the wallet. The people who make and sell wallets either think I’m a lot richer than I really am, or are just asking outrageous prices because they can.

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  1. The LImited has nice wallets on sale. I bought one for $12. Love it.

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