[Food] Buffalo Wild Wings Review

Before I dive in, I must say I am okay with the waitstaff at Sckavone’sknowing my tastes and preferences on Saturday mornings, but the fact that the checkout person at Fred Meyers took one look at me and another look at my groceries and said, “No ice cream?” is disturbing. 

(The ice cream was under the oatmeal, okay?!)

Anyway, Friday night after work, on the suggestion of a coworker, I headed downtown to try out Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s a chain, and their web site is one of those annoying “I’m Flash-ier than ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERWEBS, that means I’m COOL” ones, so if you want to burn your retinas out, go ahead and Google it.

It’s a theme restaurant! It’s a sports bar! It’s a theme restaurant and sports bar! I picked a table in the bar area that had a good view of four different baseball games (three MLB, one Little Leauge World Series) and ordered a happy hour margarita, as per the recommendation of the coworker. I also thought I’d try the Ultimate Nachos.

The margarita was mediocre. The nachos were–Okay, so I live in Portland. i’m spoiled by the guys at Chance of Rain. The guys at CoR may use Costco chips, but they make the chili fresh. Also, they know better than to put lettuce on nachos. Because that is wrong.

Buffalo Wild Wings didn’t get the memo that Lettuce on Nachos is Wrong. What they did do was pile a handful and a half of stale chips on a plate, then plop canned chili and nacho cheeze on two or three chips, cover the whole thing in half a head of shredded lettuce, then sprinkle some canned pico de gallo and pickled jalapeno slices on top.

The As pulled ahead of the Tigers in the 5th inning, so I decided another drink and to see if the game continued to be exciting. I got a Drop Top Amber, and it didn’t taste like a Drop Top Amber. And I am sorry, that was NOT a 16oz glass, even though I was charged for a 16oz glass. It wasn’t even a shaker glass. And I’ve been to the Horse Brass, I know what an Imperial Pint Glass is, and I know I can’t wrap my hand all the way around it. This one? I totally could. I also ordered the popcorn shrimp, which were tasty in the manner of small bits of fried and salty are good. Not much shrimp flavor, which is good because I don’t really like shrimp.

Coworker and Sig.Other showed up, and they ordered a whole bunch of stuff, like an appetizer sampler and some cheeseburger sliders and onion rings. Turns out, the food I’d ordered? Was the worst stuff on the menu. The onion rings were good. The boneless wings were good. The cheeseburger sliders smelled good, but if I’d tried to eat them, I think I would have exploded.

Moral of the story: If you’re downtown during a major sporting event between the M-F hours of 3-6pm, Buffalo Wild Wings is an okay place.

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