Things I Learned Cooking Indian Food, part 2

Dal with strained yogurt and brown rice


That would be last week’s version. I cooked dal tonight because… I dunno. Hungry? So here’s what I learned:

  • This is really left over from last week, but if you’re lactose intolerant, you’re yogurt-intolerant too. So use the strained yogurt sparingly. Your tum and your coworkers will thank you.
  • I’m out of the weensy red lentils that go mooshy, so I used only the big green ones that keep their shape. It’s vaugely annoying for some reason. Must buy more mooshy weensy lentils.
  • Whole cumin is nummy in this.
  • I followed the onion cooking suggestions here, and let me tell you, the not-nonstick pan suggestion is brill.
  • Deglaze pan AFTER toasting popping seeds and curry powder. Otherwise there will be no popping.
  • Mixing popping seeds in a spice jar saves time.
  • This is a three-pan dish. Four, if you use one for the rice, one for the lentils, one for the oniony-oil thingamajimmmie, and one to smush-peel the garlic.
  • This is vegan, if you don’t add the yogurt. 
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