Strange Cravings

I have had the strangest craving for soda pop lately. It was either a deficiency in my HFCS intake or my carbonation intake. I hate drinking pop, by the way. It tastes all chemically and HFCS makes me go WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!*keee-rashboomsplat*

I attempted drinking still lemonade sweetened with everything from sugar to agave to, uh, salt (don’t ask, okay? I’ve got a sharpie, the containers are now properly labeled.) After popping in to New Seasons, I have lots of Crystal Geyser sparkling mineral water, now, and that seems to be soothing the savage craving.

Additionally, I made a big pan of what I call my hippy rice crispy treats (margarine, marshmallows, puffed brown rice). I really, really like using the puffed brown rice, because it creates more of a chewy treat than a soft-palette slashing crunchy. And they’re not as sweet as those made with the sugar-added Rice Krispies, which is awesome blossom in my book.

There’s still a half a pan left, but my buddy Snoe is rolling over tonight for 1980s Japanese cartoon viewing. If he’s lucky, I won’t have had the others for dinner.

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