Belmont has been invaded by knitters.

<em>This post contains nausea-inducing content. You’re warned.</em>

This was going to be a post extolling the virtues of the <a href=””>Opposable Thumb Cafe</a> and especially their double chocolate hazelnut cookies (which I am eating right now with a lovely cup of Ristretto Roasters drip coffee).

But there are <em>knitters</em> here.

I have nothing against knitters, per se. They don’t bug me on the bus at all. I have even been known to put needle to wool and create small stuffed Cthullus. Lately, though, the <em>knitters</em> are everywhere. They’re at Rocking Frog, they’re at Opposable Thumb, they were even at It’s A Beautiful Pizza the other night.

Here’s the thing about <em>knitters</em>… the amount of disgusting and inappropriate sex-related gossip increases the less-apropriate the setting is. For example, tonight when I walked in, the <em>knitters</em> were discussing vaginal discharge (I am not making this up). Then, small children entered the shop and they started discussing one of their mutual acquaintance’s infidelities. In glaring detail. I could pick this gentleman’s genetalia out of a lineup now.

Please, if you are a <em>knitter</em> or know one, remind them to beware what they say when they are knitting in public. Because you never know when a blogger is sitting nearby.

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