I have never had White Castle.

This realization came to me last night as I was playing Kingdom of Loathing.  Wherein you have to get to the White Castle to unlock some food-giving NPC store.

I think the main block to my having never had White Castle is having spent all my time on the West Coast of the US, with brief stops in metropolitan DC and Florida.

So, this is going on my to-do list.

First, though, I’ll need to determine where in the World there is actually a White Castle, since my life tends to look a lot like Harold and Kumar’s adventures without the added bonus of Neil Patrick Harris.

(Yes, this blog is not dead, even though I’ve been doing a good imitation of it. Food squee will recommence shortly)

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2 Responses to I have never had White Castle.

  1. Oh, Honey.

    You must believe me, you do not want to eat a White Castle Tiny Meat Sandwich of Indeterminate Origin. Those things are really disgusting. We used to call them “sliders.” Please, I beg you to reconsider this path you are about to take.

  2. Henry Troup says:

    I’ve seen White Castle, but never eaten there. And the comment above is the received wisdom.

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