The Bite of Oregon is this weekend.

My path has taken me past Tom McCall Park a lot these last few days, and they’ve already set up the gates and tents.

The thought that goes through my mind?

“Hell yeah, baby, frybread time.”

…hi, didja miss me?

Upcoming posts will include:
-an insider’s look at the IKEA food offerings
-pictoral evidence of my family’s propensity for burying meat underground
-why brown rice is the best breakfast food ever.

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One Response to The Bite of Oregon is this weekend.

  1. Sorcha says:

    This is the first time I’ve hoped to get my period on a certain weekend, because we’re supposed to be camping but if I’m celebrating my womanhood *snort* I have a valid excuse not to go, and thus can attend the Bite instead.

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