I’m not dead!

I moved to Belmont, I got a sinus infection so bad it retracted my eardrum to the point that I needed opiates for the pain, and I’m unemployed.

So…. I’ve got a good excuse!

Anyway, just a few quick things:

First Meal Cooked In My New House
Gyoza Guts (ground pork sauteed in sesame oil with some onion, garlic, cabbage, and five spice) with Brown Rice
Orange, Radish, Snowpea and Lettuce Salad (it was an experiment)

Bread and Ink Cafe
Food is not memorable. Pancakes are better at Sckavone’s.

Bangkok Kitchen
Dangerously close to my house. Fed me a lot when I was sick. Salad dressing is odd, pot stickers are deep fried bundles of yummy.

La Calaca Comelona
Also dangerously close to my new house. Asked the waiter if he had my grandmama back there cooking. I have no compliment higher than that.

Biscuits Cafe in the Mt. Scott area
Okay food, lots of it, go for breakfast foods or fish and chips, NOT sandwiches.

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