Top 5 Places To Get Coffee in Portland (in no order)

1. The Fresh Pot– Yummy coffee. Niceish people, depends on the day. But they know how to pull a shot.

2. The Albina Press– People are pretentious. It’s worth putting up with the snoot. But get it to go, there is NO comfy seating.

3. Southeast Grind (used to be Fireside Cafe) – Open 24 hours, has cushy chairs and wifi and will put a chocolate covered bean on top of the whipped cream in your mocha. And listen to premed students explain how hard standardized testing is. *rolls eyes* *drinks mocha AS BIG AS MY HEAD!* *yes, I’m hiding here from my housemates.*

4. Pix Patisserie– They do the REAL versions of those fruity coffee drinks (read: tiny cups with big prices), and you don’t need sugar and cream. Plus, pastries that are to DIE FOR!

5. Blue Gardenia– They do some kind of small batch single source roasting. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I do know it’s yum. Also make these AMAZING cheddar jalapeno biscuits.

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One Response to Top 5 Places To Get Coffee in Portland (in no order)

  1. Sorcha says:

    Pix owns my soul, man. The next Concoct Yo’ Own Dessert Night isn’t for a couple months, according to the girl I asked last time I was there, and I’m waiting eagerly.

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