Yummy Chicken Katsu at Toney Bento!

I had a need last Saturday; a need for katsu.

I didn’t go to Mio Sushi, though. I’m not sure what led me to turn left instead of right at Hawthorne and 39th, I’m not sure why I rolled into Toney Bento, but I do know why I didn’t walk out when I realised they didn’t have pork katsu, just chicken.

Because I was hungry, damnit.

The restaurant is small and dim, and while I had planned to sit down and eat, a small headache I’d been nursing all day decided that was a good time to become a Mighty Morphing Power Migrane, so after the nice guy behind the counter got done laughing at me for being a sillyhead who couldn’t figure out where the menus were, I placed my order for the chicken katsu to go.

Reason #1 why Toney Bento Chicken Katsu kicks butt: they offer a choice between white or brown rice for the side.

If I had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be brown rice. White rice is okay, but I loves the brown rice.

My white plastic bag o’ food was handed to me, and I managed to make my way back to the Electric Blue Sofa of Doom without incident. I popped it open, and they’d helpfully provided both chopsticks and a plastic fork. A Mighty Morphing Power Migrane does not make fine motor skills easier, so I went with the fork and dug in.

Reason #2 why Toney Bento Chicken Katsu kicks butt: good katsu sauce!

Man, I could smell it when I popped the box open. Yum, yum, just the right mix of Worchester and ketchup. I don’t know if it’s jarred or homemade, but pour it in a martini glass and get out of my way.

Reason #3 why Toney Bento Chicken Katsu kicks butt: Good fry.

The fry on that puppy was crunchy even after 15 minutes of sweating in a plastic box next to rice and a (rather sad) iceberg salad. Oh, it tasted so lovely. I’m eyeing my Ginger Scallion stir-fry right now and wishing it would magically turn into chicken katsu.

Reviews and stuff say that it’s a friendly place with excellent udon and ramen, but I haven’t tried that. Yet. Definately going back, though. Mmm. Katsu.

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2 Responses to Yummy Chicken Katsu at Toney Bento!

  1. Sorcha says:

    Your blog is made of rock. And roll.

    But the links for Larabars go not to a site with tasty snack bars, but to a site which purports to tell me of bars in Las Vegas. (I have Tony Bourdain and Michael Ruhlman for that.) For the snack bars, one must go to larabar.com. (I took the liberty of googling.) Thought you might want to know. 😉

  2. Liza says:

    Now I want katsu. And I can’t have meat. *cries* I want Pascha to come.

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