Review: The Daily Grind Deli

Update: The Daily Grind is closed. And torn down. And will soon be a New Seasons. Go to Papa G’s instead.

Whenever I refer to “The Damnhippie Grocery Store”, I mean The Daily Grind.

Now you know. Don’t everybody stalk me at once.

They have pretty much the usual coop/veg/vegan stuff that Portland people expect from their damnhippie grocery stores, but they’re a bit more run down than others I’ve been in. Selection’s also pretty slim, unless you want four different kinds of bulk cornmeal or seven different kinds of food bars that are raw-vegan-organic-whoopiedoodah (Larabars for the win! \o/), and I think it’s really more of a stop-n-shop than a full fledged grocery. Their baked goods are mostly vegan, and that makes them mostly all right (don’t expect the vegan biscuits to taste like, you know, biscuits. More like what I ‘spect Hagrid’s rock cakes taste like).

Because I usually shop there at around 7-8pm, I’d never experienced their deli. Until last night.

Oh, punkins! The yumminess that is their deli! Everything’s vegan or veggie, but they have Cornish pasties. They don’t call ’em that, but that’s what they are, you can’t fool me, I watch Alton Brown. I have a curried butternut squash pasty tucked lovingly inside my bento box for lunch. Thinking about it is making me hungry. Their samosas are not terribly spicy, but even cold they’re oh so tasty (and come with some kind of sweet, vinegar-y dipping sauce… I could have drunk a gallon of it).

The one thing I didn’t find jump-up-and-down-excellent was the three bean chili. It was more of a minestrone, and spiced according to wussy white people tastes. I couldn’t find my cayenne and chili pepper flakes in the spice box, but located them in my room, next to my bed. Which is where I had headed to eat my chili anyway, which is a sign I a) need to stop eating in bed, and b) really, really need to clean my room.

Housemate MainFloor1 says she’s never had anything there she didn’t like, and as she’s a full time vegetarian, I trust her judgement. She recommends any of the deli salads and the salad bar (I’ve always been of the opinion if I want to buy veggies by the pound, I’ll go to the produce section rather than the deli, but that’s just me).

Prices are pretty much in line with delis I’ve seen in other supermarkets (i.e. Safeway, Fred Meyers). But the food is definately much better.

 UPDATE 3-7-07 1.43pm – Finished my lunch pasty at 12.39pm. Sudden onset of extreme nausea at 1.34pm. Am really hoping it wasn’t the damn pasty. Will keep you apprised of the situation.

UPDATE 3-7-07 2.18pm – Crisis averted, nausea gone. Went to the Porcelain Phone and spent some time trying to remember Ralph’s number, but never did get around to calling him. I think I’m gonna blame either the Emergen-C Lite I chugged after my pasty (before it had totally dissolved), or the fact I’m cleaning up @#$@!$ invoices from @#$!@#$ July that @#$!@#$ A/P didn’t bother to @#$!@# give me until now.

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