My Top Five Favorite Brunch Places in Portland

Mind you, I haven’t tried everywhere yet (but I did try Gravy, so don’t ask, because I HATED it and will tell you why in excruciating detail even if the experience was almost two years ago), so this list is probably a work in progress. And since I’m poor, these are (almost) all places you can get two people out the door with full bellies for under $20 bucks.

  1. Roux – Only available on Sundays, and it gets wacky after about 11am, and it’s a little pricey, but oh my GOD is it worth it! Pancakes and French Toast are served with cane syrup, so be careful ’cause this is a helluva lot sweeter than the maple you’re used to, and will drown the lovely, lovely flavors. Sadly, Roux is now closed. If you want frou frou brunch, go to Equinox. But if you want just good diner food, go to Nite Hawk Cafe on Interstate.
  2. Equinox – Do not go to Gravy. Go one block up and around the corner to this hidden gem. Food is better, prices are better, waitstaff are cuter, and the grits are better than the ones at Roux. My mother still talks about the brunch I took her to at Equinox last March.
  3. Doug Fir Lounge – I’ve never been to a show at the Doug Fir, but I’m there about every other weekend for brunch. Think I’m going there this Saturday, actually. Salmon hash is to DIE FOR. Matter of fact, bury me with a plate of it, in case I get the munchies waiting in line for the afterlife. Sorry, folks, since I first posted this, Doug Fir has gotten awful. Try Zell’s instead.
  4. Sckavone’s – Sckavone’s gets special mention because the waitstaff was not offended when I growled, “Coffee. Gimme. NOW!” at ohmigodwhyamIawake one morning. I tipped rather well afterwards.
  5. The Screen DoorOk, I haven’t had brunch here yet. But my coworker, the foodie first class, hasn’t gone a single weekend without going there at least once for brunch in several months. So, yeah, that’s a pretty good indication it might knock one of the other places off the list. Went there. Food is awesome. Wait? Not so awesome. Try The Blue Pig at Division and 50th instead.
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One Response to My Top Five Favorite Brunch Places in Portland

  1. Hungry T says:

    I want to throw my two cents in for Simpatica. I haven’t been for a few months, and there is ALWAYS a wait, so get there early, but damn the food is fantastic.

    And, when you finally get to Screen Door, make sure you get the praline bacon. The even make a praline waffle. It is not to be missed…

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