Hot Pot City

Hot Pot City is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Matter of fact, I ride past it on the bus every day and didn’t realise it was there until I went looking for it on Saturday.

 I was sick. I wanted lots of food, warm food, and I didn’t want to trek out to 122nd for pho or mongolian BBQ (I don’t trust many of the close-in places. It’s a thing). And I remembered the review I’d read a while back, told my Foodie First Class Cubicle Buddy about, and then promptly forgot to follow up.

So, I went.

And now, I have compiled a list.

 Things to Remember on your Trip To Hot Pot City

  • Go after 2pm on Saturday. The place empties out, they can refill the condiment and food bar, and you’re not fighting with a ten year old over the last fried wonton. Which, you know, I totally didn’t do.
  • Beverages are self-service. So grab two glasses and load up on Cherry Coke. YAY! CHERRY COKE!
  • Tofu goes in after the meat comes out. Then the tofu tastes meaty!
  • The nature of the hot pot bar means you will spill soup base EVERYWHERE. Do not bring your large, heavy, expensive, autographed by the author, white covered novel.
  • Just because the waitstaff isn’t hovering over you doesn’t mean they’re not having to work hard to clean up the giant mess you’ve made at the food bar. Tip well, you damn slobs.
  • Call me. We’ll go have lunch.
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  1. veggielove says:

    not for the first time, i totally wish i lived in portland

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