Hawthorne Fish House

I was horribly sick this weekend with a head cold that impacted my ears, meaning I had intense vertigo. I ate fried potatoes and ramen, because they were both easy and available in the house, and there were many walls to grab on to for support. On Sunday, I decided enough was enough, and I got up, got showered and dressed, and wandered over to Hawthorne Fish House on 43rd and Hawthorne. For, um, fried potatoes.

And forgot my camera. I WAS SICK! I can’t remember everything!

This was a reconnaisance mission (as well as a feed me I’m poor and pitiful and dripping fluids from random orifices mission), as housemate Upstairs1 can’t eat a whole list of things, and at the top of that list is gluten. Hawthorne Fish House fries their fish in a rice flour batter, and all their sauces and dressings are also GF (but probably contain other things like tomatoes that will kill Upstairs1. Ah, well, we just won’t let her eat those).

The interior, even on a rare brilliantly sunny Oregon winter day, was dark. At 3pm on Sunday, there were about 7 people dining, two floor servers, and a bartender. I took a booth so I could stretch my sick bones out, and got an RC. Yum. I don’t drink soda much, but RC rocks my world so much (and this is from a woman who HATES soda). I went for the standard (and cheapest) Cod and chips basket. They’ve got, like, salmon and halibut and stuff, too, and they follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium thingie about sustainable fishies (click their webpage if you’re interested).

The fries were crispy and well-salted. The fish batter was also crispy and lovely, and the chunks of cod were solid and flaky and perfectly cooked. I think next time I’m springing for the salmon. Because when I eat fish, I usually tend more towards something that tastes like fish. And cod? No flavor at all. I blame my forgetting on the Cold o’ DOOM!

I did my little chemist’s impression and mixed up the provided vinegar, ketchup, and hot sauce till it had some tastifying effect on the cod. They have good hot sauce. I can’t remember what kind. I WAS SICK!

Cubicle Buddy (who holds a 1st degree black belt in fooding) recommends their happy hour menu, which has like bay oysters and stuff, and a Drink of the Day special.

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2 Responses to Hawthorne Fish House

  1. extramsg says:

    These are the same people as Corbett Fish House. I think they do a decent job, but their fish is too often dry and the chunks too small. I prefer Halibut’s, which has a bit more of an English batter and where the fish comes out juicier and in larger hunks.

  2. Seamaiden says:

    I think their fish is awesome and love that it is actually gluten free, which means people like me that have never had fish and chips because of the whole gluten thing can actually eat it! My DH who can eat gluten thought their fish was excellent and keeps wanting to go back for another road trip. 😉 The fries really are great, and I love the sauces. Mmmm, tasty.

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