What’s Better in Oregon? EVERYTHING!

Just in time for the St. Valentine’s Day Consumerisim Extravaganza, Harry and David Chocolates kick butt in a blind taste test. They whomped Godiva and Vosages, along with some other, less well-known, really crappy chocs (seriously, don’t waste the calories on the Target Choxies. Eat cardboard, it has more flavor.)

I wouldn’t turn down some H&D, mind, but if anyone wants get in my good favors on Feb. 14th, you gotta get me some chocs from Sahagun or Pix. This isn’t a limited time offer, neither, good favors are available year round for the right chocs…

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One Response to What’s Better in Oregon? EVERYTHING!

  1. extramsg says:

    That’s not exactly some tough competition they put H&D in. Too bad they didn’t try some truly good chocolates, like Recchiuti or Cluizel.

    Locally, don’t forget Alma and John Depaula for chocolates:


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