Adventures in Trai Au

You ever see a food and say to yourself, “I must eat one of these, because otherwise my life will be sad and empty”?

Just me then? Ok. Moving on!

Close up of the demon nut  (Trai Au)

Blame it all on The Guilty Carnivore. He posted photos and cooking instructions and dire warnings regarding the infestation of emo/hipster kids and their paraphenelia that would result if you ate them.

Then I looked around my house and realised I’d already been invaded by emo/hipsters AND the dreaded Portland Hippie, so I figured, what do I have to lose? A field trip to Fubonn netted me a whole bunch of lychee jellies and my very own package of demon nuts.

Demon Nuts (Trai Au)

As you can see, my package came complete with the description “Bull Head (Trai Au)”, and some mold. I picked out the ones that had molded, not sure what kind of psychotropics grew on demon nuts, and dumped the survivors into a pot of boiling water for a few minutes.

Inside of demon nut  (Trai Au)

The Guilty Carnivore had said they were tough nuts to crack, and boy howdy, were they ever! Good news is, I had a knife I’d all but destroyed a few years back by trying to open a coconut. Go for right down the middle, otherwise you risk chopping fingers off.

The nut meat is– well, it’s nutty. Housemate MainFloor1 said it had a definite overtone of ass, but that may have been the mold.

Still life with demon nuts  (Trai Au)

Since most of the demon nut experiment happened before the rest of the housemates got home, I put them out on the table to see who would notice. Of course, that was before NYE and Basement1’s crazy friends came over. They ate them all.

Except for the ones they chopped up and snorted. *shakes head* I really wish I was making this up.

ETA 12/4/09 – Another blogger has determined in English these are called water caltrops!

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4 Responses to Adventures in Trai Au

  1. yay says:

    I think they look a bit like a set of fallopian tubes and a (non-gravid) uterus personally.

  2. Mary, you are on the slow train to Hell. Next stop, purgatory.

    BTW, I can confirm that I am in fact, male. Though I appreciate the gesture.

    Snorting them seems apt, in this case. Cooking them with baking soda and industrial grade solvent and smoking with a crack torch – now you’re talking.

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  4. Wow, yours came in a package, labeled! I’ve never seen it like that.

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