Spiffy’s Restaurant, Chehalis, WA

Edit 8/25/08 – This is the number 1 searched post on my blog. Thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment and tell me why you’re Googling for this restaurant, because I’m totally curious. Oh, and I totally ate at Spiffy’s in March of 08 again and it still is pretty good, and the pie is still awesome.

Spiffy's Restaurant

The first time I drove up to Seattle, I saw the sign by the side of the road and determined that I would be stopping, oh yes. People who know me, know why. And it’s not for the, um, ‘ethnic food’.

Menu, Spiffy's Restaurant

Anyway, what began as an amusing side trip has become an important tradition when I drive northwards. It’s a diner, folks, don’t doubt it. Don’t expect anything fancy. Don’t be freaked out by the preponderance of evangelical Christian literature (on the walls, on the tables, in the menus). Just order the pie and bliss out. Seriously, best coconut cream pie I’ve ever had.

This last trip was the first time I’d been for breakfast (I lovelovelove their hamburgers, to the point I crammed myself onto a counter seat on Labor Day last year to get one. They bake their own bread, people!) On the weekends, they trot out the steam table and have an all-you-can-eat buffet, but I didn’t want to hurt myself. So I had some kind of, um, scramble (Worst. Food Blogger. Ever.)

Breakfast at Spiffy's Restaurant

Please note the lack of greasy shine on the plate, hash browns, or eggies. Which is super-bonus plus. So is the whole leaving-the-coffee-carafe-on-my-table, which may have just been ’cause it was HOLYCRAPIT’SEARLY on a Saturday morning and they weren’t busy. They also have flavored non-dairy single shot creamers, along with the usual half-and-half single shots.

If you ever find yourself around Exit 68 in Washington State, stop by. It’s totally worth it. Says me. Hee.

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18 Responses to Spiffy’s Restaurant, Chehalis, WA

  1. Marsha Kaye says:

    Hope this is for REAL about Spiffy’s as I will be traveling 88 miles on October 11th at 6:30 am on my motorcycle just to meet up at Spiffy’s with a bunch of other crazy women bike riders for breakfast in preparation to ride over Hwy 12 east of the mountains.

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  3. Chris Holbrook says:

    Spiffy’s is all that and more! We were stationed at McChord AFB from 99-03 and ran across Spiffy’s on a week-end run to Portland. Thier pie rocks and every day of the week thiers a military/veteran special of some sort. Not sure if the specials are on going, but man that pie’s good. Thier portions are well worth the menu price

  4. daphne says:

    Several of us from seattle are meeting up with some people from Portland and was looking for a resturant that would work. Looks like a good place. I’m hoping they have a good breakfast.

  5. Bill G says:

    We were vacationing in the Pacific NW last month. Drove from Seattle to Portland – just had to stop by Spiffy’s. Great food.

  6. Rachel says:

    We’re from Portland and we have relatives in Seattle and Spokane areas so every time we drive back home, we always stop at Spiffy’s!

    Their pie is what we always stop for, (love love love their banana creme pie), and the slices are huge. Even if we weren’t planning on staying long, we’ve gotten slices to go!

    My mother, a crafter, always enjoyed checking out their mini gift shop full of fun thing, and yes, a very Christian oriented place.

    I only recall ever eating their hambugers because pie was always on our minds, but I remember it being very filling!

    I was browsing this site because my boyfriend, who now lives an hour away from Seattle, and I were discussing stopping by next time I’m coming back home and getting pie for my parents. I just needed a refresher on what exit to take. Thanks!

  7. Kevin says:

    I’m looking up Spiffy’s because when Mike was singing about pie at last night’s Pancake Breakfast show, someone mentioned Spiffy’s and their Bramble Pie.

    mmm, pie.

  8. Verna Rawlins says:

    I am partially responsible for the pies at Spiffy’s. I worked in the bakery there starting in 1984 when it was a drive in.
    After they enlarged to a family resteraunt, we baked 105 loaves of bread a day, and in addition pies, muffins, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and sometimes cake. Not much time to sit around. I retired from there in 1989.

  9. Bonnie Rose says:


    Every year a bunch of women from my church stop there on our way to Cannon Beach Conference Center for lunch! Great food HUGE portions!!! I always share a sandwich with someone THEY ARE SO BIG!!!!

    Oh and they always have a coupon in the South Sound Entertainment book for Buy one Get one free entrees!!!!

  10. Ted Mahoney says:

    My wife and I were stationed at McChord and traveled to and from Vancouver WA where her folks were at during the early 80’s. We watched Spiffy’s grow. When we went TDY and the folks were going to watch the kids, we would meet at Spiffy’s to make the exchange.
    You got to love the place.

  11. Chris says:

    I had a great time at Spiffy’s last Wednesday morning. I had a good breakfast and the view of the lady across the table sharing breakfast with me was fantastic! Thank you Spiffy’s for your hospitality…I will never forget it!

  12. Andreana says:

    I had a great breakfast at Spiffy’s. The food was delicious and the waitstaff was wonderful! Spiffy’s is now a very special reastaurant to me because this was the first (of many, I hope) breakfast I shared with a very special person. I hope to be back again and again.. to delight in your food and to share more very special moments with my guy. (Did I mention how ‘special’ this experience was?) Thank you Spiffy’s!!! You Rock!

  13. Shawn says:

    Spiffy’s is spiffalicious! Breakfast is the best. Great gravy! My kids love the nacho’s Elspiffico.

    Spiffy’s Rules!!

  14. Annie says:

    We are looking for a place to meet for dinner on the way to camp. Thanks for the post!

  15. Carex says:

    Looks like a good place for a shipmeet…

  16. Better than nearly all comparably-menued restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. Just yum. Definitely stop by if it’s on your way, or only slightly out of it.

  17. Steve says:

    I’m up from San Diego seeing family in Portland. Got ahold of an internet friend who lives near Seattle (friend from a car forum) who I’ve talked to hundreds of times but never met in person. We’re going to meet there at Spiffy’s (about halfway I guess between Portland and Seattle) on his suggestion. So I googled it to see what I’m in for and found your blog. Looks like he made a good choice!

  18. Diana says:

    I had Chili with a corn bread muffin. so good that I could have made a meal on the muffin alone. It looked like a mountain of bread. Next time!

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