Dukkah, dukkah, GOOSE!

Oh, you KNOW it’s going to be a good night when the recipe calls for a hammer.

Nutcracker, Mary Sue Style

So, I had a sudden notification that some friends were going to invade on Christmas Eve, and they were bringing along homemade presents. They like the spicy foods, and I really wanted to try this recipe ever since I came across it on 101 Cookbooks.

First mistake: Didn’t ask exactly what kind of nuts I was buying at the Crunchy Granola Produce Store.

Second mistake: Bought fresh spearmint.

Third mistake: Tried to multitask with two burners on high and mint drying in the oven. Burnt my nuts. But then I got to yell, “I BURNT MY NUTS!” and I felt better.

Fourth mistake: Adding 1T of cayenne to make it Cajun Blackened Dukkah.

From this:
Before it gets chopped into itty bittys
To this:

I used Basement1 as my experimental test subject. We determined that if you eat my version straight, you will make nifty faces and dance around the kitchen yelling, “YOWOWOWOW! SPICY!”

But once I got the bread baked and we did some dipping– it was still hot, but tolerable.

My friends are from Hell-A, so they’ll either like it, or lie convincingly. Or dance around the kitchen yelling, “YOWOWOWOW! SPICY!”  *shrug*

Merry Christmas!

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