So, like, I have this food blog…

And every so often, I’ll like, post pictures of like, food I’ve made and stuff.

Beneath the cut:
Beef Stew with Polenta!

I’ve been on a real yeast-dough kick lately. I am pretty happy with the way the crust on this turned out. I don’t have any of the fancy schmancy things the pizza making Internet seems to think you need to have for a tasty pizza, but I heard no complaints about this.

I made pizza!

I think the trick was I didn’t cook it the ‘normal’ way. First I stretched the dough (and threw it in the air! Because I am cool!) and then I stuck it under the broiler for about 5 minutes. Which is why the bottom is almost black, next time only 3 minutes. I flipped it over, added the toppings, and put it under the broiler again until it was all melty and brown deliciousness.


My grandfather makes beef stew and polenta every year for Christmas. As in, we will buy our tamales and enchiladas and pre-cooked hams and turkeys, but Grandpa, please pretty please make polenta and stew? And I had some polenta, and some stew beef– and it didn’t turn out the way Grandpa makes it. But I ate it anyway.

Beef Stew and polenta

So… been reading the back entries on Joe Pastry, and got to his thing on pretzels on Friday. So I came home and made pretzels. Because I am that exciting.


These were taken a day later, after they were wrapped in plastic overnight. The salt melted a little bit, but trust me when I say on Friday the black salt was STUNNING on these bad boys. The recipe comes from the King Arthur Flour website, but 1) you can’t link to it, 2) they used whole wheat flour and I don’t have any right now, and 3) after punching and dividing the dough into 16 more-or-less equal parts, I suggest letting them rest for about 20 minutes. It makes rolling them into ropes a lot easier.

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