Oh my geeky gosh.

The Nobel Prize Banquet Menu for 1979. Which was the year I was born. But down at the bottom, they’ve got the menu for each banquet for the LAST 100+ YEARS!

The bad news is, most of ’em are in French. And I only speak English, Japanese, Spanish, and a little Hebrew and Russian.

Except I do know what an ‘anananas’ is. Thanks to my Sister running around for several years yelling, “Je suis anananas!” (She speaks French, English, and Arabic)

In other news, my mother sent me a cameraphone picture of a waffle at Disneyworld. It had Mickey Mouse’s face stamped on it. It would have been a lot cooler if my sister and I hadn’t bought her the waffle iron that could do that several years ago for her birthday. *rolls eyes*

In like, real news, Slashfood reports that New York and Maine are banning import and sale of a beer called “Santa’s Butt Winter Porter”. Because it has Santa on the label, which means they’re trying to market it to kids.

Dan Shelton of Shelton Brothers is quoted as saying, “Santa Claus, elves, and red-nosed reindeer may have persuasive influence on the four-to-six age group, but we think it’s safe to assume that tots are not interested in alcoholic drink, and wouldn’t have any chance at all of buying any even if they were interested. For the late-teens who are really at risk for underage drinking, these symbols of the Christmas season are not cool in the least.”

I think I’m a little in love with him right now.

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